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Re: Moshiri
« on: November 09, 2017, 08:01:37 PM »
Sissoko has been back in the Spurs starting 11 in recent months. He is shit though.

In order to derail this thread, I think this season Sissoko is a shining example of what an excellent manager Pochettino is.

We all thought we'd dodged a bullet with him, however he's been starting for Spurs most of the season and playing well. Pochetinno has installed in him discipline, tactical awareness and he knows how to use his energy better. I don't really watch Spurs, but a mate of mine who is a fan told me this.

That's what we need from a new manager - someone who will develop players in a system that works and rewards players for their development. This should be high up on Moshiri's list of criteria for a new manager.

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