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Re: Moshiri
« on: November 29, 2017, 07:48:30 PM »
This decision and whole management recruitment farce just sums up what a complete charlatan Moshiri in particular is with his embarrassing leaks to Jim White, grandiose aspirations of the big time and the very best and splashing cash...... when it allegedly isn't even his money, our NET spend has been minimal, the new ground we won't even own or fill and telling Jim White a load of shite about big players and managers coming and Barkley leaving. Now it's reduced to Sam Allardyce and probably signing Scott Dann and Charlie Austin.

I haven't heard one fucking fan lay the blame at Moshiri, Kenwright or the boards door. All because they are seemingly under the delusion  of a honeymoon period for Moshiri and tbat this new stadium is going to take us into a brave new world.

Allardyce might not be here for long although I doubt his backroom staff would accept that. But once again that's Manager No2 Moshiri has picked and once again it's been a complete disaster.

Everything the man touches is either allegedly someone else's or a walking disaster. Not having a person who doesn't support our club tear it apart, strip away it's soul and send it into mediocrity.

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