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Re: Moshiri
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I wonder how many of our players who were brought in under Koeman would have jumped at the chance of joining us when Moyes was incharge? None probably.
The likes of Williams, Schneiderlin and a few others have purely come to the club for the money and have no other interest.

Its a big pay day for some of these lot as they will never see these sort of wages in there next playing contract.

Disagree, Williams was at Swansea in a relegation battle year after year, we were a natural step up. Schneiderlin was going nowhere, and didnt have many options other than us and West Brom i think. Most of who weve bought would have come anyway, they're probably on more than what they should be (which is a big issue) but I dont think weve signed anyone out of our league. Would we have had the shear volume of players coming in under Moyes is another point as I dont think its helped us to establish a core, there has been far too much changing and you'd struggle to name our best 11, whereas years gone by it was easy.

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