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Re: Moshiri
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Kenwright will be stepping down from his role in the coming weeks.

After becoming Everton’s largest stakeholder back in 2004 and being on the board at our club since 1989, Bill Kenwright will step down from his duties by the end of the month.

A highly reputable source at the club has informed us that this decision has been coming for a number of months. We also understand that Robert Elstone and Jon Woods will also be likely to follow the former club chairman to pastures new.

Bill Kenwright has withstood some major moments as chairman and owner at Everton Football Club, but has remained resilient in the face of those testing times. After numerous periods of financial uncertainty, Kenwright, 72, went in search of someone to pay Everton’s way. On February 27th 2016, Bill found his man and Farhad Moshiri initially invested an immediate £250mil to pay off the clubs debt and took up 49.9% shares at the club.

Of late, it’s become apparent that certain board members have found it difficult to continue a working relationship with others at the club. Although the decision to leave by Kenwright, Elstone and Woods isn’t solely down to disagreements, it is understood they may well have played a part in the timing of their exits.

Bill Kenwright is expected to retire from most of his working commitments but will still oversee certain productions at his company based in London. Robert Elstone could well be heading back to run Rugby League’s Castleford Tigers, where he was once their former CEO, his successor has also recently stepped down. Elstone has had previous working relationships with Rugby Leagues governing body, The RFL as well, who are also on the look out for a new Chief Executive Officer.

The move from Bill Kenwright will happen “really soon” and certainly by the end of the month.

Where's that from?

To be honest, I think Kenwright's exit has been on the cards since he brought Moshiri in, it was always the plan. I don't buy the "board members not working well together" line.

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