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Re: The Grand Plan
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150 million is nothing in todays market,were only about 1 billion behind city and suddenly we fancy ourselves as top 4.This club has led the spending charts in the distant past and won trophys but were miles off that right now.Trouble is you need to know how to invest and having been on a budget for twenty years or more weve lost the knowhow.Instead weve behaved like a greedy kid who,s gone into a sweet shop and made himself sick,buying anything that takes his fancy.Moshiri clearly is a winner in business and no doubt wants to be in football relative to his investment,but there are no winners at the club he,s surrounded by a board and playing staff that havent won anything (rooney apart)thats a tough thing to instill in players a winning habit and we just havent got it.Theres no fire in this team,no one to put a foot in its all very sterile.
Its going to take a lot more than 150 million to sort this lot out,our years of not spending has caught up with us in relation to current staff who shouldnt still be at the club.Its all about a manager who suits the club now,no eloquent  spaniards or worldly dutchmen with patchy cv,s lets get back stability and see were it goes from there.
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