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Author Topic: Mirallas and schneiderlin sent home..  (Read 14255 times)

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Re: Mirallas and schneiderlin sent home..
« on: November 06, 2017, 06:38:12 AM »
I'm shocked at how quickly things have flipped for Schneiderlin here. I thought he would be our most reliable player this season given his safe but super-accurate passing, strong positional sense, and the fact that our midfield looked lost without him in the second half of last season. There's absolutely no defending him, though. He looked totally off the pace in pre-season, he's regularly been hiding from the ball in situations where we really need him to get a hold of it, and now he's quit on his teammates. I agree with the general sentiment of giving players second chances but that's going to be a hard sell for the rest of the squad. They needed him during this stretch, especially today, and he was nowhere to be found. I don't think there's a way back from that. It stings that little bit extra because he's a Champions League quality defensive midfielder when he's bothered. Hopefully, we can sell him to a decent club abroad and recoup at least half of what we paid.

Mirallas has made no secret about wanting out and he should finally get his move on the back of this. That new contract didn't work for either side. I'm not sure why we offered it or why he signed it.

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