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Author Topic: Mirallas and schneiderlin sent home..  (Read 13396 times)

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Re: Mirallas and schneiderlin sent home..
« on: November 06, 2017, 02:50:06 PM »
To be honest, if any player doesnt put a shift in, in the Blue, then yes, fuck em off home. Im sure if Lennon can put 100% in after being a fringe player and going through what he has gone through in the past, then anyone can. We dont need spoilt fairys we need warriors, so January is going to be very interesting for a lot of players, as we really need to get shut of half our team unless they can demonstrate that they are 100% committed to the cause.

Id sooner have an average player that battles for everything, like a Niasse or Lennon, than have a good player that plays at 75% and blows hot and cold and often cba somtetimes, like Kev or Schneiderlin lately. Big decisions are going to be made soon, so lets hope they move us forward because we WILL get over this blip and we WILL power up the table and people will start to take note again.
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