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Re: Sammy lee
« on: December 02, 2017, 08:14:12 PM »
Must admit that I was initially horrified when I heard of his appointment. How could we possibly even consider such a man? Then after reading some of these posts, I have changed my mind. My initial reaction was that of an immature gobshite. So what if he is ex red shite. So what!! My first reaction made me sound like what those idiots from across the park frequently call us. A Bitter Blue. Well, I'm not. I want us to move forward and like us all, I crave success for our Club.
So if he does the business, I'm ok with that. If we progress with his assistance, I'm more than ok with that. If the rat faced stoat does a dance of glee when we put one past them on Sunday the 10th, I'm happy with that.
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