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Author Topic: The big man, the boss; Big Sam  (Read 167904 times)

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Re: The big man, the boss; Big Sam
« on: February 05, 2018, 03:38:41 PM »
Absolutely nobody would have thought this season would be this way back in the summer.
I just feel sorry for you guys who have spent your hard earned pennies going to  watch the dross.
This summer is going to be a massively defining one in the history of the club.

Right at this moment I can easily see us becoming the next QPR. This season has just been one clusterfuck after another, and we are seemingly wasting a scary amount of money just to stay at the same piss-poor level we have been at since August.

I know people tend to react strongly, and I may be guilty of that, but I genuinely hate everything about the first team set up at the moment. In the last few weeks, Sam has stated:

- He will be judged on his first signing. Well, he has made his first signing, given him 2 games and dropped him, claiming he is not good enough and Niasse will be our starting striker. Claiming Tosun wasn't doing anything with the 'service' he received in the two games is ludicrous. In those games we may have had, what, 3 shots on target? Then he has the audacity to claim we were too attacking and needed to tighten it up, moving to 5 at the back in what can only be described as the footballing equivalent of a kamikaze pilot.

- Loaned one of our most promising young players out; a player who nearly changed the game when he came on against Liverpool, and claimed that he wouldn't get a game as both Bolasie and Walcott cost more than he did, all the while dropping Tosun (25m) for Niasse (14m), making a mockery of his statement.

- Claimed the former Ajax captain, who was highly regarded as a coup for us mere months ago, doesn't have the qualities to play for the team, all the whilst continuing to play the absolute fraud that is Schneiderlin, whose main quality appears to be a grade-A shithouse who won't get stuck in for the team.

- The much vaunted Director of Football has claimed there were no strikers available to replace Lukaku, and that we wouldn't be worse off anyway as without his goals we would have still finished 7th, and then our esteemed boss, who has waited all his footballing life for a 'big job' has the bare faced temerity to claim there are no left-backs available in the last window? Do they think we are fucking morons?

I really want Moshiri to do well with us, but he needs to get the people around him sorted and in place, because whoever is advising him, is doing a really bad job at it.

We have wasted money paying Koeman off, we have wasted money on Klaassen, Keane, Sandro, Sigurdsson, Bolasie, Schneiderlin and it would appear Tosun too. I may be over-reacting here, but I am really worried we are going to go the way of QPR and Cardiff here. Throwing bad money after bad money.

Every fan with a pair of eyes can see what the problems are here, yet we appear to be sleepwalking into disaster. I feel sick.

As it stands, we need:

- A new manager, with a progressive outlook on bringing in the young players and assimilating them alongside the older players, to a certain style of football with a certain set of tactics.

- A new DoF, if we have to persist with one.

- A new scouting team, as this one we have seemingly cannot find their arse with both hands, let alone a fucking left-back.

- A new CEO and commercial department. Preferably one who has more experience than running Castleford fucking Tigers in the Super League.

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