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Re: January Targets
« on: December 03, 2017, 05:26:46 PM »
Hmmmm thinking about the whole picture of where we and teams around us will be, come the end of the season (you would hope)...

Burnley’s and Watford’s bubble is likely to burst or they are not likely to end their season as strongly as they have started. And the opposite for us. And Southampton are on and off this year. So, you would think Leicester would be our main competition for chasing the top of the 2nd partition of the Prem. Bear with me...

If we grab Vardy or Mahrez, it will not only strengthen us, and add pace and severe threat up top, but it will weaken Leicester too. Were not going to get a Benzema, Cavani or a Lewandowski, but we should be able to tempt Vardy with a final big money move, and would do a job for the next transitional year or two.
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