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Re: Rooney
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Yes could see this being true.

But would be interesting to see what level - eg playing at 17 in Holland isn’t as hard as here.

And does it just mean made their debut at 17, or starting most weeks?
I think @brap2 is referring to this from Brian Marwood:

Brian Marwood, the Managing Director of City Football Services, agreed.

“We did some research last year and discovered that in the last 10 years 83% of players who featured in the quarter-final stage of the Champions League had all played first team football at 17,” he said.

It's not necessarily a case of elite talent breaking through earlier though - take a look at the players in last season's CL final, most started out at non-elite clubs with less competition. City believe, for example, that young players have improved because of the challenge of first team togger and because they've failed and learned from their mistakes.

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