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Re: Rooney
« on: February 16, 2018, 03:21:25 AM »
Happy to admit I didn’t want him because he looked more finished than an empty bottle of Finish.

However, simply through just being a good quality player he’s looked at times head and shoulder above the crap we put out. A genuinely world class player in his prime and I think we may get 2/3ds of a season out of him next year even.

As I said previously priority is back up / replacement for his job in the middle of the pitch - be a ball magnet who can pass forwards, would be great if they had legs as well but I doubt we’ll get doucoure now spurs are after him.
.....................as well as Rooney  we have Sigurdson and Walcott and those three are in a different class to the rest of the cloggers. I hope they can encourage the young lads like Holgate ,Kenny ,Davies ,DCL and Lookman when he returns  .
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