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Re: Lookman
« on: January 08, 2018, 02:49:00 PM »
There you go again, responding to polite queries in your trademark patronising tone. For what itís worth I be.ive that our target is to finish as high in the table as possible.

Mate, you have utterly misread that entire conversation.

Obviously you missed the original point, which is fair enough - the written word can be a bit vague sometimes. No issues there. BD explained it in pretty simple terms and you asked for  further clarification. There was no clearer he could have been so he stated that.
You've then inferred condecension in a response that contained none because of your opinion on who wrote it.

FWIW, BD has raised the first balanced point i've seen about Allardyce. As long as we agree to become proponants of the man if he meets our targets.

Finish as high as we can in the league? Yeah, true. But 7th playing dinosaur football with tried & tested players or 8th whilst bedding in the kids and making mistakes whilst teaching them a more expansive style?
I'd take the £750k hit (or whatever it is for a single league place nowadays)

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