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Author Topic: Everton v West Brom  (Read 21291 times)

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Re: Everton v West Brom
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firstly, wish McCarthy makes a speedy recovery, great saving tackle wish the football gods be kind to him.

secondly, the atmosphere today was amazing.. from around the middle of the first half until McCarthy got injured, it was like the crowd where trolling Everton (certain players and achievements kennys shot, first shot on target in around 5 games or so! the sarcasm was amazing.. especially when Cenk came off,, those boo's where for SA, we needed 2 strikers up top, everyone could see that)

cant believe Garbutt or a left footed player didnt play left back..
Schneiderlin is a fucking joke.. he literally made everyone laugh all the time.

we could have a great team with hte players we have, but we cant have that with anti football managers.
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