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Author Topic: New Defence Needed  (Read 4181 times)

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Re: New Defence Needed
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It’s the midfield. Since Barry’s gone have we bossed a game this season?? Midfield is key to everything, Barry ran that game yesterday at 37. defence and attack both rely on midfield. Only gana has been half decent this year. If we get nzonzi or a similar type to play alongside him then we might have base to work worth. Everyone said it was a forward so we got one, but same issues are there. Forwards only score if they have chances.

I know he has his limitations in terms of sloppy passing back there but I’d be telling Rooney that's the future for him now.

He’s the only one who picks his head up and passes forwards.
No surprise the goal came from his flighted pass onto the head of Walcott, not just a % ball lifted aimlessly into the box.

The axis of Gana-Rooney-Sig needs to be given a go, fitness permitting. With Davies to alternate.

The defence should be more than capable of working on positionally till the end of the season and drilled to communicate to cut out the schoolboy errors of walkabout we see every week. 

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