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Author Topic: New Defence Needed  (Read 3969 times)

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Re: New Defence Needed
« on: January 21, 2018, 06:41:31 PM »
in the last 2 months, Holgate has been out best performing defender,, even tho he had a rough time v Rondon, he made some vital interceptions, and covered Williams when he decided he was a midfielder.

Keane, hopefully will get back to last seasons form, once his injuries have been sorted. (most likely towards the end of the season)

Williams... recent upturn in form but besides that, almost on Martina Levels of performance,

Martina.. never rated him, even less so at left back..sometimes he seems to have good positioning and tracks the runs, but usually hes not switched on enough to play on the left hand side, i wont go into his lack of attacking.. Whenever we have Martina at right back.. our left hand side is not used at all.. makes it so easy for teams to play against us

Baines.. We should have got a replacement for him when we knew that Garbutt wasnt the one, least 4 years ago..its shocking and terrible recruitment/managment we  didnt get this sorted out years ago.

Jags, i feel he is better than he has shown, although im sure his age has caught up with him

Mori. always hated on NSNO, but was probably our best CB before he got injured... i'd lilke  him to stay and show what he can do, feel him Holgate and keane, would work great in a 3, aslong as we had 2 attacking fullbacks.

Kenny, he is an attackin right back, who loves 1-2's in the oppositions half,, but it seems like he isnt allowed to cross the half way line. all he is allowed to do is punt the ball down field.. why the fuck dont we use his best characteristics to help our team? yes he has been shit recently.. looks to me like he is trying to do way to much/work to hard..

as said above, defense isnt the issue, its the fact that we cant retain ball possession,  none of our CM's can keep the ball, or pass it forwards in a controlled manner.
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