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Author Topic: Is Schneiderlin a bad player?  (Read 16319 times)

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Re: Is Schneiderlin a bad player?
« on: January 22, 2018, 03:43:02 AM »
Just to provide a bit of a counterargument, people criticise him (and McCarthy) for not playing a forward pass but (a) he's almost certainly under strict instructions not to lose possession at all costs and (b) there's usually fuck all movement in front of him and he's probably under strict instructions not to pass to anyone that's marked.

Though in response to the original question, he's nowhere near good enough to run the centre of the pitch for us, particularly if the person next to him is someone utterly lacking in creativity like Gueye.

He's played the same way under three different managers, though.

When you're picking the ball up, putting your foot on it and completely slowing the game down you're going to have limited options in playing the ball forward.

That's what Barry was so good at. Picking it up from the centre half and releasing the ball quickly to the three infront of him.
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