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Author Topic: Arsenal V Everton Sat 5.30 kick off  (Read 29142 times)

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Re: Arsenal V Everton Sat 5.30 kick off
« on: February 04, 2018, 03:01:50 AM »
Sam yesterday - ‘Arsenal are suspect defensively’

Sam today - 5 at the back and 2 defensive midfielders.

The bloke hasn’t got a clue.

Exactly.Bournmouth and Swansea have both beaten them lately by having a go at them,atacking their weak link .What do we do? surrender before a ball is kicked.I'd like to say I'm supprised but I'm not,i knew he would do it,i knew he would revert to type,i knew he would pack the team with defenders and defensive midfielders,i knew it would blow up in our faces within 10 mins,i knew we would get hammered.I hoped I'd be wrong,i hoped he'd pick the same team that won in the week,but deep down I knew he wouldn't.My mate handed me his phone at half 4 with the team on it and we all knew what was coming,we could all see it.All except the clown that's paid tens of thousands a week,millions a year.He's a fucking fraud.

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