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Author Topic: Man Utd target 50m Everton ace  (Read 8617 times)

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Re: Man Utd target 50m Everton ace
« on: February 04, 2018, 04:46:44 PM »
The Manager is short term , the tactics are short term , Klassen , Sandro , Lookman appear to have been short term . One more won't make any difference . It could actually be we got it as wrong with Pickford as we did with the rest of the shite buys . Would you seriously pay the money we did for a lad with his goals against record ? His stats are abysmal and wouldn't matter if he had played for Merton Villa .

Goals concerned isn't always an indictment of a keeper, plenty of shite keepers have a low goals concerned ratio when playing with a solid defence in front of them.

He's a young keeper, not the finished article but considering his age he's extremely talented.  I used to be a keeper, I can spot a good or bad keeper regardless of the amount of goals they're conceding... Trust me he's very good with a few areas he'll iron out over the next few years.

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