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Author Topic: Man Utd target £50m Everton ace  (Read 5993 times)

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Re: Man Utd target £50m Everton ace
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Canít believe Pickford is getting stick on here!!! Even a younger Buffon would would concede a lot of goals with the utter crap we have in from of him! When teams just walz through the midfield and defense like they do against us the goalkeeper is fucked, but I think he does well given the situation in front of him. One of the players I would have no bad things to say about and also his age for a goalkeeper! He is only going to get better. Just get the feeling everyone is so pissed off they are blaming everyone in the team and staff, but Pickford no! He has stopped so many certain goals, only thing that has dipped is his kicking other than that he is probably our best player.

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