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Author Topic: Starting not to care anymore...........  (Read 9631 times)

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Re: Starting not to care anymore...........
« on: February 07, 2018, 12:51:32 AM »
I agree that the main problem is the game itself.
Sh*t players getting ridiculous money. Everton spending 27m on a striker none of us had heard of and then dropping him.
Our summer which was full of enthusiasm and joy, We loved taking the adulations from the nation about getting our business done early, being an example of how it should be done et cet cetc
Then, in typical Everton fashion, Sandro is useless, Klassen is useless, Keane is Useless. Thats 60m right there.
Carragher makes a joke about the players we sign and the media and football fans in general mop it up and we become a laugh....
Rooney isnt in the door a wet week and he starts acting the cnut around town drawing more ridicule.
We EVENTUALLY sign Sigi and discover we dont know what to do with him...
We remain a laughing stock

We sack our manager, we spend a month arsing around and eventually settle on SAM FUCKING ALLARDYCE

We go to Anfield, play shite but rescue a draw and it feels like a win. Then we realise it was only a draw and we are celbrating like we won the league.
We go to Anfield in the cup, play well, but then ruin it all and all the good feeling from a month previous when our 30m keeper suffers a brain fart at the worst possible time in the worst possible place.

oh, and our manager, is Sam FUCKING Allardyce

We support a club who people take the piss out of.
We support a club who's sworn enemy see's us as something to ridicule and beat for fun at their place, and a lot of them dont even see us as rivals.
We celebrate draws with them like wins, despite them playing us off the pitch.

oh, and our manager, is Sam FUCKING Allardyce

We take good players and within a month their touch deserts them and they start to play like league 2 players

We bang on about our history. Villa and Forest have HUGE history, look where it got them.
Its irrelevant. A lad in his 20's now see's Everton in the same light as he see's West Ham, Southampton,Stoke and West Brom.
Leicester are more respectable

oh, and our manager, is Sam FUCKING Allardyce

We have all had that conversation with a new person, you know the ol " your a scouser, your lot playing Madrid this week" "No, I am a blue" "oh...right".....

This club is embarrassing, its being run like a cheap brothel and players see us as a stepping stone or a retirement home.

And it fucking kills me

oh, and our manager, is Sam FUCKING Allardyce

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