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Author Topic: Starting not to care anymore...........  (Read 8995 times)

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Re: Starting not to care anymore...........
« on: February 07, 2018, 02:38:04 PM »
I think we all still care, obviously, but the club has been so chaotic it's been hard to really identify with the direction we've taken, the players or the various managers in recent years.

We went from 11 years of stability, and incremental improvement (bar the odd aberration), to a world of scattergun signings, managers completely at odds with the previous approach and Jim White releasing significant club information. It's little surprise our fans are feeling somewhat alienated and detached, because it's difficult to know what we have of substance that we can attach ourselves to. That's why the return of Seamus Coleman was greeted with such relief and familiarity. A reminder of a calmer time, when things made a little more sense.

I think we'll be fine, and proclamations about our doom and decline are premature to say the least. I live in Sheffield, and can see the real nature of a club that's been in significant decline for a long period - Sheffield Wednesday. We're not in that position, or even close to it. We've made a number of poor decisions consecutively as a club, and we're suffering the consequences of that. And that's all it comes down to, decision making (at every level). The good thing is that you can change that, at any point, by making better decisions.

Alright, at the moment, there's nothing to suggest that we'll suddenly have a complete turnaround and be a superbly run club. But I have faith that we'll improve and learn from our mistakes (maybe not as quickly as we'd like) over time.

We desperately need something/someone that we can all get behind, and genuinely believe in. We haven't really had that since Moyes' last couple of seasons and Martinez's first season. So the next managerial appointment is clearly massively important, on that front.
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