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Author Topic: [News]Preparations hampered by Allardyce’s thoughtless comments  (Read 4574 times)

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It's not a complete write off if we can still finish 7th and get in to europe, which is very possible with our remining fixtures and the fact it's only 5 points off. That's what we should be pushing for in the last 12 games.

But regardless of whether it is a write off or not the manager should NEVER be saying that, ever. It's completely inexcusable the bloke is a class A bellend. It's such poor management, it gives the players the excuse to not try as much (if that's even possible in some cases), it's not just poor management in football it's poor management full stop. If my manager at work was that defeatist I would be fuming, thankfully he isn't, he's the complete opposite.

The bottom line, Allardyce is incompetent and has to be the worst appointment we've made in many, many years. If he's still here at the start of next season I will be livid.
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