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Author Topic: [News]Preparations hampered by Allardyce’s thoughtless comments  (Read 5032 times)

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Don’t get me wrong, his comments aren’t what I would come out with, but I don’t think he’s committed some heinous crime.

He’s said the players played crap against Arsenal. They did. So he’s not lying.

The next question is whether that’s an effective motivator, whether it has the opposite effect, or whether it doesn’t have much effect at all.

On that, well who really knows? Different managers have different styles. Mourinho singles out individuals. Wenger sees no wrong. Allardyce it seems insults the collective.

I guess you can make an argument for any approach and all have their pros and cons. And a communication style has to fit the giver and the receiver, so there’s no one size fits all.

As I say, not my choice of words, but we have bigger concerns than some post match comments.

He set up to defend with a player in a very important position right in front of the CH's who can't and hasn't been arsed all season in Schneiderlin . He left Rooney and Siggurdsson the bench and blames the players for not holding onto any possession against arguably the best passing side in the league . He is an embarrassment to this club and needs to be fucked off in May ( if not now) so as we don't have to right off next season before it has even began .

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