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Author Topic: [News]Preparations hampered by Allardyce’s thoughtless comments  (Read 4986 times)

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Dont get me wrong, his comments arent what I would come out with, but I dont think hes committed some heinous crime.

Hes said the players played crap against Arsenal. They did. So hes not lying.

The next question is whether thats an effective motivator, whether it has the opposite effect, or whether it doesnt have much effect at all.

On that, well who really knows? Different managers have different styles. Mourinho singles out individuals. Wenger sees no wrong. Allardyce it seems insults the collective.

I guess you can make an argument for any approach and all have their pros and cons. And a communication style has to fit the giver and the receiver, so theres no one size fits all.

As I say, not my choice of words, but we have bigger concerns than some post match comments.

The difference is Mourinho will occasionally blame himself for the results and can be an expert in diverting the attention away from the players too. He is also a winner and is one of the most decorated managers in world football. Sam Allardyce does everything to avert blame elsewhere despite baffling decisions. Its starting to gather pace in the media too. Cascarino in The Times, Totally Football Show and The Football Ramble, of Allardyce being out of his depth, unimaginative and stifling what is actually a talented squad, yet he is making out otherwise. He is the pathetic one.

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