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Author Topic: The race for Europe  (Read 9945 times)

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Re: The race for Europe
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A more competitive squad, for instance we seem like we have one functioning line up for midfield this season and when we donít play certain players we donít have the depth to adequately replace them. We see already how important Walcott is to us, and itís a pretty big drop in quality right now if weíre throwing in Bolasie instead.
Do we need that added competition for places if we don't have the extra games? If we're only playing in the domestic competitions, are there enough minutes to keep everyone happy? I mean, that drop from Walcott to Bolasie is actually a fair bit better than most teams have.

A team that has proven it can compete with the bigger clubs in the PL so weíre ready for the tougher games in the Europa League.
Will we be able to attract the players needed to compete with the bigger clubs in the PL if we don't have Europa League? Say Leicester finish ahead of us in 7th, why exactly would a player choose to come to us over them? On the other side of things, I don't think it's unreasonable to suggest playing the tougher Europa League games more regularly would actually leave us better prepared for games against the top 6.

A settled/composed defence would also be nice. Likely a different manager who also has shown they can compete on that sort of level too.
Agree with these.


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