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Author Topic: The race for Europe  (Read 9841 times)

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Re: The race for Europe
« on: February 11, 2018, 06:30:10 AM »
I donít get this aversion to the EL qualifiers. The teams we draw against will be, with the right recruitment at least, easy games. Itís two actual competitive games (unless you batter the opposition in the 1st leg) within pre-season. You know when the games are going to be, give or take. So plan a pre season tour around those dates. Iím not talking some random trip to Africa and a couple of games in Holland. Go to America or Australia, find out where the barcelona, real, Bayernís of the world are going. Try to get in on their tour schedule somehow. Or go to South America, play everton vina del mar, chapocoense And try bagging an mls team Into a tournament. Fly back, batter the champions of Andorra 8-1 (canít keep clean sheets can we).

I can understand the argument if we started well and dropped off about now.but even then, in reality itís two pre season games.

When that brown shoed Catalan twat was here we excused appalling league form because we were ďfocusing on EuropeĒ
And this season has apparantly been fucked because we played ruzemberok before the season started.

As a fan base we need to stop letting EL excuse piss poor managers/players. Just finish as high up as we can if itís europa league great. No way allardyce and his gang of scientific footballing fucktards will be here next season either way.
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