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Author Topic: The race for Europe  (Read 9867 times)

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Re: The race for Europe
« on: February 15, 2018, 12:54:05 AM »
I agree but our away form the past 12 months has been shocking and the way Sam sets us up away from home means the likelihood of us winning a game of football is even slimmer. At the very least we shouldn't be losing those games therefore the bare minimum return should be 6 points under him.

Thats the difference between 'should' and 'will' though.  We should be setting out to win the games.  Allardyce won't do that because;
A)It's not in his interest not to drag out getting to 40 points
B)He's a shithouse still thinking he's managing Sunderland

If he doesnt think we'll get 7th right now then he'll carry on with going for the home games and trying to kill the aways.  If he says we're going for 7th and doesnt get it then he's failed.  If he drags it out making it look hard then he can keep up with his 'Well Everton have been shite away from home long before i got here...' spiel as an excuse.
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