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Author Topic: Dunc making Pistone cry  (Read 5056 times)

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Re: Dunc making Pistone cry
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An argument that pops up with regularity.

I think, as a club, the periods between winning nothing and being good are long enough that any player that wins something needs to be considered a legend.
Ferguson got an FA cup medal with us.

Conversley, the periods of success have come frequently enough that any player that doesn't actually win anything shouldn't be considered a legend.

In the great park i would build outside a stadium i would build for us there would be a forest of statues.
the statues would be of our greatest players.
The entry requirement would be to have won something. So Duncan and Gary Ablett are getting statues and, i'm afraid, Cahill and Arteta are not.

Vote 'Mick 1995'

Don't me wrong here, I loved Dunc, he was unplayable sometimes and the passion he has for the club and us fans is something special, but a legend he is not

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