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Re: Our Youngsters
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Tier One: Tom Davies is pure class, we let him go and we will rue the fucking day.  He has that "special something" that Stonesy lacked.

Tier Two: DCL and Mason Holgate are legitimate contributors at the Premiership level.  DCL should at least be part of the striker rotation, and Mason at minimum the #2 CB for a long time.  Maybe not stars, but solid contributors, and players you feel good about having in the XI, or at least the squad.

Tier Three: We really need to see what we have in Lookman and Onyekuru.  I don't see how anyone could be certain yet, but we need a manager who is not only willing, but also eager to find out.  I probably also put Beni here, but YMMV.

Who am I missing?  I think Kenny is probably more of a squad player, but useful to have around.
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