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Author Topic: Our Youngsters  (Read 10445 times)

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Re: Our Youngsters
« on: March 02, 2018, 03:01:11 AM »
If lookman or ouyekuru are able to step up and play for us next year in the prem it could potentially save us millions, and sort out that left wing/left forward position, I would be over the fucking moon.

Dowell I think will just get slated at everton. Very happy to see him back in the fold but yeah, we’ve got the 28 year old version shunted out left wing at the min so not sure he’s needed right now.

Kenny, not convinced.

Holgate like him in fits and starts and pleasingly comfortable on the ball. Has a tendency so get his pants pulled down by superior players which is sort of fair enough.

Beni hard to say.

Vlasic hard to say but has impressed me personally. Would like to see him stake a claim.

DCL I don’t think will ever be a prolific goal scorer but more of an all round mobile front man who can link up well. Would like to see us making chances for him but imo if your forward never puts his foot through the ball then he maybe doesn’t have that gunman mentality needed. Think he will be a very good player.

Davies I absolutely love, but another one who never strikes a ball cleanly either laces or side foot. Busy and industrious and forward thinking in his play, and ONLY 19 standing out at cm is unreal. Future top player but mostly through his mentality.
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