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Author Topic: What to do with our current squad  (Read 44956 times)

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Re: What to do with our current squad
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Quite agree he deserves time but 27 million it just has another EFC fuck up written all over it.

he is a goal scorer, a class finisher..the proof is in his goals v the some of the best teams in european competition

I just don't see what he offers over and above your average forward. Not particularly pacy and not physical enough to impose himself on most centre halves. His finishing may be his strength but without any other attributes he will rely on the team creating for him. Best I think we can hope for is a reliable forward who will get 15 goals in a good season.

he offers goals and clinical finishing, also has a sublime first touch.. he is not pacy nor is he that physically imposing as you rightly pointed out..
no point having up top on his own.. or 40 yards away from the rest of the attackers.. every striker isnt like lukaku.. i actually think DCL and Cenk would make a great 2 up top... just need 2 wingers, and attacking full backs.
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