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Author Topic: What to do with our current squad  (Read 36516 times)

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Re: What to do with our current squad
« on: March 07, 2018, 09:01:22 PM »

I pretty much agree with t his besides the binning of Niasse and McCarthy... they aint the best, but their solid i feel plus they seem to pretty much love Everton... for me players who love Everton need to stay, regardless of them not playing as their attitude and training would be infectious.

i wouldnt bring Henry as a first team starter either... He's been average in a rubbish league.. I would rather buy a winger/attacker for the left hand side.
I would also change the formation to 2 uptop, Tosun will be a gem for us, i have no doubt of that (like Jelavic) score planty of goals, aslong as he has someone with him, and he doesnt have to do the donkey work.. I'd like Mori at the back with Holgate... Hopefully Mori's time out has made him reflect and improve the aspects of his games that Evertonians berated him for (concentration and roaming up the pitch, even tho i liked his jaunts)

McCarthy is too injury prone and the amount of money we can get for him will dwindle with every season, but more than that is competition for places. I would place ahead of him:

1: New CM
2: Gana Gueye is already the better player in his position
3: Davies continual development as already looks a first team player but needs learning time
4: Baningime continual development as has not looked out of place for the seniors
5: Besic is easily good enough to replace McCarthy and he is better injury-wise

So for 6th option - McCarthy can go.

As for Niasse:

1: New CF we still need to replace Lukaku
2: Tosun - I'm sure there is a player there - he needs some time
3: DCL - continual development and decent as a back-up or different option
4: Rooney - should be used from the bench and deeper than CF but when required, he still scores
5: Walcott - has played CF and can play CF
6: Onyekuru - not sure if it's too soon to have a look at him in the PL, especially after the injury, but if he does come over next year then I would be more interested in bedding him in
7: Lookman - plays as a winger but likes to cut in and is effective in the middle and needs more game time

As 8th choice - I love the lad and I'll miss that smile - but I think it's time to let him go and be first choice for someone like Brighton.

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