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Author Topic: Everton v Brighton  (Read 14034 times)

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Re: Everton v Brighton
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Mori was by far and away our best most reliable centreback last season.

During his 26 appearances we only conceded 15 goals and kept 11 clean sheets, averaging 0.57 goals a game. In comparison to the fella who heís likely to be replacing right now, Williams, who last season played in 39 games with us conceding 43 goals with only 14 clean sheets, averaging 1.1 goals a game . Or Jags who played 27 games, with us conceding 34 goals and managing only 6 clean sheets, averaging 1.2 goals a game.

This season Williams (who Mori will no doubt be preplacing when he comes in) has played 33 games with us conceding 51 goals while heís on the pitch, thatís 1.5 goals a game average. Even though heís just coming back from an awful injury itís unlikley Mori will reach the levels of shit Williams has achieved this season. He possibly wonít even surpass Williams awfulness from last year with so few games to play if Williams is out of the picture for good.
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