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Author Topic: Ramiro Funes Mori in talks to leave Everton, £10m deal  (Read 6443 times)

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I'd argue with the people who say he's terrible and not a footballer. He's decent, he really is. He's just not good enough to be first choice for us but I would happily have him in rotation.

The villa away videonis good as well.

Iíll be honest, i went off him massively during his time at us because he has some insanely glaring faults.

However, itís absolutely shocking the injury problems weíve had his last 12-18 months.

Mori, Seamus, Baines, McCarthy, Bolasie...ridiculous.

I fully expect us to be looking at a cb of broadly his profile - prem level athleticism and also able to step out of defence a little bit. So hopefully we will get an upgrade in this window...but a LITTLE bit of me is feeling like, is it worth £10m to lose the last bit of athletic ability in the back four?

Think him and Keane would have gone OK, in the same way I think yer man from city and Keane would have been alright. Wouldnít be surprised if we went back for him actually. Or maybe Zouma..
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