June 02, 2020, 05:17:16 AM

Author Topic: Ramiro Funes Mori in talks to leave Everton, £10m deal  (Read 8180 times)

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What this about ďcanít get better for £10mĒ? So what? Iíd rather go out and spend good money on a guaranteed starter, flog this donkey for £10m and spend The best part of that £10m on a 20yr old with potential.

Honestly whatís the point of keeping him? Keeping him around when thereís money on offer is just bananas imo.

Heís of the age where if a player isnít guaranteed to start (or first change) then no problem with moving on and trying with someone else.

Goal threat is pretty useless for a CB if youíre only playing 10 games max; and is there a point in using minutes that could develop Holgate (or equivalent).

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