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Author Topic: Silva Confirmed as new manager  (Read 22988 times)

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Re: Silva Confirmed as new manager
« on: July 26, 2018, 06:24:57 PM »
We've obviously done something very wrong here.

Apart from worse case scenario points deduction (which I doubt weíll get) all this negative publicity heaps more pressure on Silva to be an instant success because the media and pundits will be jumping all over him/us and asking questions right from the start.

What is interesting is iirc the club media friendly journalists at the time were quick to distance Kenwright from the managerial hunt.

Donít think we have.

And donít think the media will be interested once the season starts and there are plenty of real things to talk about so canít see any pressure being raised that wouldnít be there anyway.

Theyíre just saving face because they made a fuss and have now realised that they canít get any money from it and donít want to look like theyíve been cheaply fobbed off as part of the Richarlison deal.

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