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Re: Tosun
« on: June 06, 2018, 07:19:44 PM »
Lookman, Dowell, Vlasic too

Lookman was starting in @The Blue 3/4 of Liverpool 's formation.
But yeah, deffo Vlasic.
Possibly Dowell being Sigurdsson and maybe Klaassen

Walcott on the right and Lookman on the left with Vlasic, DCL and poss 1 other supporting
Sigurdsson in the middle with Klaassen and dowell supporting
Tosun up front with DCL, Niasse & Walcott as back ups.

So I want a CB, a LB a CM to come in as first team players and better than anything else we have.
Then 1 wide man. Either to be 3 'starters' for the 2 positions or another Vlasic type playwe with legs & potential

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