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Author Topic: Yerry Mina anybody?  (Read 80323 times)

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Re: Yerry Mina anybody?
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..............................not having a go at you @Ross but should we still bother with the Echo ? by the time I've clicked accept cookies ,skip survey ,turn off video ,turn off sound I've forgot what I'm looking for  :headbang:

The formatting is horrendous, no doubt, but I'm more curious if the Echo actually get information and have sources or not. There never seems to be any specific details in any of their transfer articles. They just say generic, open ended things like 'there is interest in the player, but no deal has been finalised'.

I could knock that sort of vague, unspecific bluster out on my lunch hour at work. It just doesn't sound informed by anything, other than the need to generate content on a daily basis.
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