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Author Topic: Goodison for Gomes?  (Read 121193 times)

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Re: Goodison for Gomes?
« on: June 02, 2019, 12:50:52 AM »
I don't know. I think generally people dismiss the stats when they want to pretend a subpar player is doing enough. In almost all cases if a striker isn't getting goals he's a bit rubbish. If a midfielder isn't creating or tackling he's a bit rubbish too. You don't have to tick all the boxes stats wise but you have to be ticking some of them. I like Gomes. On his day he's very good on the eye. I'd sooner someone with great stats for making goals and tackles though.

I disagree. Stats are probably used as a guide, but I doubt they’d sign a player based on stats alone without actually watching them. I’ve watched Gomes and I can confirm he is a class act.

How do you measure the confidence that Gomes in possession gives the players around him to move into space and expect the ball?

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