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Author Topic: Goodison for Gomes?  (Read 159426 times)

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Re: Goodison for Gomes?
« on: June 30, 2019, 11:51:38 PM »
Interesting this Brap, cheers. Must say I'm surprised by how 'average' those stats imply he's been. I never really got these graphs (I always just see them as glorified bar charts) but the layout of Gomes in red / league average in blue finally made sense to me.

Is there an equivalent one for his time at Valencia and how he fared there compared to their league's averages? I know it's never as black and white as that (different leagues, team, time, fitness etc etc) but considering that was the period that got him the Barca move, I wonder if that might show a more positive reflection of what he's capable of...
and, if his stats there look similar to the Everton ones, it might also be a good counter for the argument that these stats aren't painting the whole picture (because why would Barca sniff around a bang average midfielder)

They pretty much are bar charts! Sometimes see them done as bar charts with lines for league average and its better in a lot of ways I think.

Not seen one for valencia vs league average, but his valencia ones are somewhere in this thread. Largely similar if I remember correctly.

Barca make poor buys all the time, but I think they maybe hoped Andre would kick on as he was early 20s with very obvious good points - he's big, powerful, great dribbler and got 3 and 3 goals and assists in his last season with them I think.

Anyway none of this means I don't think we should have signed him. He does bring stuff that maybe Brownie would call nuances that are lost on those daft stats obsessed types, he's calm on the ball (when he isn't losing it) and I think being able to mug off opposing midfielders with such ease again and again probably had like a psychological impact on them which helps us win midfield battles. Similar to how wingers who rinse full backs again and again ens up getting the full back hooked off at half time looking like broken men.

He was an upgrade on our existing midfield and that's mostly what matters so i'm glad we've signed him.

But it's clear he's not going to magically start doing stuff he's never done before, and we're not going to suddenly become a much better side because he has a pre season under his belt. We still need to improve and add stuff our midfield doesn't have at the moment.

Also he's nowhere near as good as arteta but that's OK that's a discussion for another day that we don't need right now.
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