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Re: Positivity
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Start a thread about positivity all you want but the way our fans are these days, a few games in without success and the knives will be out.

Fuck it, who am I kidding.

Lose against Wolves and the knives will be out.
The dross football we've been served up combined with shite managers and staff, mostly crap signings, it's a wonder anyone was left in the ground, we got money for the first time in years but it went backwards fast and alarmingly so. Action has been taken and ambition is being shown this window to improve things and it all looks promising, the cleaning out of poor signings has started well which is as important as anything else.
     Without some justifiable fume the club might have carried on the same way, but they are having a good go at the recruitment and have made some great looking signings and the fans will get right behind them because Everton fans are fucking great fans.
I still despise Clive Thomas..

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