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Author Topic: Player ratings v Brighton  (Read 2644 times)

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Re: Player ratings v Brighton
« on: November 04, 2018, 11:19:34 PM »
Pickford 7 - solid when he had to be.

Digne 7 - some lovely work with the ball at times

Keane 8 - he was imperious yesterday. Sweeping up all over and confident on the ball

Zouma 7 - out battled for the goal but very solid

Coleman 8 - drive to recover the ball and move forward like night and day compared to recent performances

Bernard 6 - not at his best but did provide a few moments of excitement

Gueye 9 - he was everywhere and he used the ball well.

Gomes 8 - ball sticks to him and he looks forward in that Arteta/Barry mould we have missed

Walcott 7 - a real threat for long periods and could have bagged a few

Sigurdsson 7 - missed a big chance but his play in the midfield and movement was excellent

Richarlison 8 - just when I was over him as a number 9 he bags 2 with grace and finesse


Lookman 6 - decent enough cameo

The rest n/a

No complaints here. For as much stick as Sigurdsson got for missing his two early chances, I look at that second one and think, had he taken a touch instead of shot first time, Dunk slides clear through him and it's a penalty and likely second yellow for the Brighton man. Game could have turned into a 5-0 type of battering at that point, but it was still a very solid performance up and down bar the one set piece.

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