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Author Topic: Gana Get Replaced?  (Read 12434 times)

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Re: Gana Get Replaced?
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Every discussion is a circle with you Thomas my old mate.

Who loves Tom Davies on this forum tell me please cause all I see is people slating a 20 year old with 9 appearances this year.
I am having to become the Everton equivalent of a Dame Barbara Cartland novel mate it's true, same story rehashed and I don't enjoy it but if it's for the good of the club...

Plenty of Gana/TD denialism in this thread, in the TD thread and generally on this forum and people giving Walcott and GS hell when football wise they are a class above Gana and Davies.

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Not at all interested in being popular

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We may agree/disagree but its all about opinions/debate and thats what makes football/supporting Everton amazing.

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