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Author Topic: Racist chanting  (Read 7922 times)

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Re: Racist chanting
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There's usually some truth in a stereotype or you wouldn't connect the two. I know there are some scousers with curly hair and tashes even though it's used as a stereotype of scousers so there's some truth in it.. There are black guys with big cocks and even though it may be a stereotype it's none the less true in some cases. Is it racist? If you want it to be. I bet he gets worse comments off the lads in the changing rooms if it's true.

Yeah my dude but think about it like this,

Say there was some truth about black fellas having big knobs, how do you think that was used for hundreds of years? They were treated as more animal than man, and the myth of the big mazzy knob was used to beastialize them in the eyes of white people. Make them freaks. Animals that can’t be trusted around women. More cock than mind, more beast than man. Be scared of them and treat them with fear and contempt. Hundreds of years of that, wearing chains and straps for most of it.

I get annoyed when someone uses the scouser on tour on the rob and arguing with each other while whammoed about the togger. That was Harry fucking Enfield mate, and how much truth was in it compared to how much does that image still live on today? Harry Enfield Vs centuries of being treated like less than a fucking horse, and millions of people being raped, murdered, abused and killed.

Edit: does that make sense? I’ve had a crimbo jeffrey.
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