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Author Topic: Racist chanting  (Read 11873 times)

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Re: Racist chanting
« on: December 25, 2018, 02:16:06 AM »
I haven't heard the song. Does it mention Mina's race or just his cock?

Also if Soccer AM is ten years old and the people singing the song are say 20-25 years old it may be that the subject matter is more acceptable to them as they have grown up with it on mainstream tv.

No it doesn't mention his race, but its being sang because of his race.

It probably is that, which is why i said I'd be hesitant to label someone a racist who sang it. If it's brought to light that some black men feel uncomfortable with it or feel racially stereotyped or even racially abused, then its about educating other people so it doesn't carry on.

I initially thought it was PC gone mad, but I've changed my mind on it
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