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Author Topic: Real after Pickford  (Read 6489 times)

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Re: Real after Pickford
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I'd raise the point, because these things are never as black and white as the stats make out. If they were why would we even bother watching the games. They add to the sport, but it seems that they're quickly becoming the sport.

It's a moot point anyway, as @GLewis and @brap2 have explained.

Can understand the reticence. Iíve mentioned I struggle with this myself. A burgeoning interest in that side of the game with the knowledge that modern, well-run clubs are taking this stuff seriously makes it really hard to get away from - even if sometimes itís telling you stuff you donít want to see or is a bit of a spoilsport.

For example the writer of the above table / article, really does not want silva at Everton, doesnít rate him and considers his signing a big mistake.

Iím trying to ignore the fact heís been right about basically everything since I started following his work, and hold on to my silva in a multi year project is different to recent years prem silva POV, but itís hard.
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