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Author Topic: NSNO is 15  (Read 4723 times)

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Re: NSNO is 15
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Absolutely superb, some boss memories there Smithers.

Lots of top posters who are no longer around, lots of them mentioned above of course. Rhys as we said recently, gaz, the fella who's name escapes me right now but had a profile image of Ian Holloway, was proper funny and a real power user I just can't remember his name ffs. What was the gents name who was here for a very long time indeed and in a sort of assisted living facility? Had forgotten more about the blues than the likes of me will ever know..

Other departed posters of another nature, milky, George, that young lad who claimed to be able to run a prem midfield (where are you now youngster, somewhere spraying passes into the path of pacey strikers I hope), that fella who was casing stevie, and of course ballys short lived and Ill judged appearance.

Great site, I'm on it far far far too much, but it's a great site, keep it up gents.
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