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Author Topic: The Moyes Manifesto,  (Read 1469 times)

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February 04, 2011, 05:19:24 AM
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Les Trebilcock

 I've been reading a Guardian piece here :

 and I think you can safely say, despite shit-stirring sh*te from elsewhere, David Moyes ain't finished with Everton yet.

 He [Moyes] says; "You have to show the players that you are trying to progress and moving forward. You have to have a direction and a strategy. My strategy when I came to Everton was to change the age-group around to bring in young players who would give me value on the pitch, give me resale value, and it would take time to get that going. It is probably still the right way forward for Everton."

 The one thing favourable in Moyes' armoury, for me, is that the guy will face whatever flack his bombarded his way. Yes, footballing minnows are attracting players left, right and centre, but this guy ain't throwing the towel in.

 He [Moyes] ends by saying; "We have tried to buy in one or two younger players and hope to get something out of them. I am aware that the age-group is starting to creep up and we have to start looking at the longer term and how we keep bringing that down. But we hope [Ross] Barkley, Jack [Rodwell], Victor [Anichebe] and Seamus [Coleman] start to push on. If you don't get players in then it gives your current players the space to push on. That's the other side of all the big spending; the young players get an opportunity here."

 I think we [Evertonians] are going to have to start pulling together here - unite in the support of David Moyes, and if you want, begin the earnest stone-throwing in the summer.

 Sorry wigster, I'm positive your same post wasn't on the board when I started mine.


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You can take that to the bank.

February 04, 2011, 05:24:13 AM
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I just read that, too.... Sensible commentary at least/last :)

February 04, 2011, 05:33:22 AM
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I'm going to have to log off and get back on bluekipper, I felt too positive reading that. Well done