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September 28, 2011, 07:47:48 AM
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Just seen enrique stating how carrol will get his first EPL goal of the season against us. Now unlike some fans i hate derbies, always have, im just relieved if we dont lose tbh. Now with ''king'' kenny well and truly back and them spending a fortune (its like some things never change) i'll be so pissed if we lose and carrol scores. Suarez is the leagues biggest cheat and with such a weak ref in charge whats the betting they get gifted summit too, just to help them along? Anyway for once i'm hoping moyes goes for it and starts saha, imo he's never been what we needed, BUT wouldnt it be lovely if he responds with the winner saturday?

starting team should be for me,

hibbert, jags, distin, baines
coleman, neville, fellaini, cahill, osman
"we've got this far, i suppose we might as well win it" Big Joe 1995

October 01, 2011, 07:40:25 PM
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i stated on page 4 that my concenrn was the ref whos really soft anyway, remember united a few seasons back?? And suarez who i said was the biggest cheat in epl. No real new news there, but i hate being right about it, its soooooo predictable. Fed up.
"we've got this far, i suppose we might as well win it" Big Joe 1995